Visit by The World Bank & MFPE, Tunisia

16 November 2018 – With a mission to reform TVET in Tunisia, the World Bank Group Global Knowledge and Research Hub in Malaysia, together with Tunisia’s Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training (MFPE), paid a visit to School Of Skills (SOS). The purpose of the visit was for knowledge transfer and to gain insight as to the manner in which SOS is able to maintain a sustainable vocational school with zero funding from the government, which could possibly be adopted in Tunisia. The business model in which SOS has created was seen as a unique and creative approach, with a job placement guarantee for each student.

School Of Skills was formed by CKL Group, which consists of businesses that provide a symbiotic relationship that strengthens the group as a whole. Apart from the inaugural automotive courses, SOS also offers Electrical, Plumbing & Air-conditioning courses. Moving forward, SOS and the World Bank Hub in Malaysia will continue to stay in touch and continue to engage in discussion to create an avenue for TVET to thrive further in communities at large.